Whether you have a turn of the century gun or present day firearm, or somewhere in between, our gunsmith is an expert at performing some of the best gun repair services in the twin cities. From deep cleaning and repairs to simple or extensive modifications, we’ll make sure your gun is working at the highest level possible.

Our gunsmithing services provide you the confidence that all components of your gun are working together fluidly. Both weather and time can cause certain parts to expand or contract. A gun can collect dust even if in a case. A successful fire requires a few actions to take place in synch and small glitches between two moving parts can not only hinder your firing, but also prove to be dangerous. Our gunsmith will ensure a successful and safe fire.

Our Gunsmith Services Include:

Sight Install and Optic Mounting

Rifle Bench Rest Sight in $50 + Cost of Ammo (No hand loads!) *Optic or Iron Sights*

Pistol Bench Rest Sight in $50 + Cost of Ammo (No hand loads!) *Optic or Iron Sights*

Pistol Sight Install $25 (Sights Purchased in Store)

Pistol Sight Install $35 (Sights Purchased outside)

Shotgun/Rifle Iron Sight Install $35 (Purchased in Store/Pre-existing Sight Cut)

Shotgun/Rifle Iron Sight Install $45 (Purchased Outside/Pre-existing Sight Cut)


AR15 Upper Parts Assembly $125

AR15 Lower Parts Assembly $100

Muzzle Device Install $35


General Maintenance​

Clean, Lubricate, and Function Test $50 Plus Cost of Ammo (Repairs Extra)

Pistol Cleaning and Lubrication $25

Rifle Cleaning and Lubrication $25

Shotgun Cleaning and Lubrication $35

Contact us for more pricing information and available services.